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    A fusor is a fusion device that is relatively simple to make, which consists of a gas container with heavy hydrogen, a positively charged metal outside and a negatively charged wire mesh in the center.

    Is the difference in voltage 11 kV, then the ion temperature about 100 million degrees in the center. Once the reaction rate gets high, so unfortunately melts the metal mesh in the center, who is the both the ion trap and the reaction zone.

    What to do with this wonderfully geniusa and simple machine? A cloud of electrons moving in the middle, perhaps? They ought to be able to stand for the voltage difference instead of metal net. I also have an idea of ​​how the electrons collection could be placed. What do you think?

    The Polywell is of course another fusor, but does it work? See for both function and criticism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polywell

    I can see what I suggest is very near the Polywell, but does it have to be so difficult to holding the electrons in place. Electrons orbit around a straight magnetic field shouldn’t it be good enough? As long as the escape or leakage of the electrons are low It should work or?

    Mvh Sören Crofts

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