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    Objective: a large-scale desalination and irrigation project in Mauritania, aimed at restoring the encroaching Sahara desert to farmland.

    “Approximately three quarters of Mauritania is desert or semidesert. As a result of extended, severe drought, the desert has been expanding since the mid-1960s. […] Despite all sorts of economic reforms, including exports in minerals, agriculture and other resources, Mauritania continues to remain as one of Africa’s poorest countries.” — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mauritania

    Re-open desalination plants at Nouakchott, which were closed previously due to high operating cost, expanding the operation to at least 100 times its former size.

    Pump excess fresh water far out into the desert, to the east, and then to the north, allowing it to drip out, slowly, dispersing over a very large area. Some will seep in, and support local wells; some will run off; some will evaporate, carrying the humidity with the prevailing winds, changing the local climate, and hopefully having cascade effects on the surrounding regions, downwind.

    The project will employ local workers, re-enable subsistence agriculture, tree planting, and help stabilize the politics. Science conducted will gather knowledge of climate change, its causes and effects.

    All you need is energy; and lots of it.


    seems i am not the first to propose this.


    “The costs of building and running reverse-osmosis plants for desalination and transporting the water would be about $2 trillion per year.”

    Focus fusion could reduce the cost of energy for this project


    The cost could be even lower using this new water desalination technique presented at Google’s Solve for X:

    Less energy required, and no high-pressure systems to build.

    And with focus fusion getting rid of our coal plants and so on at the same time, we’d end up actually reducing our CO2 level pretty significantly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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