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    Hi There. I’ve seen some catch phrases bandied about like:

    Fusion Now!
    Want to Change the world?

    But this one just came to me:

    Fusion: It’s closer than you think.

    The appeal here is that it’s intriguing. It makes you stop and say — “Fusion? Hmm. How close do I think it is? Not that I was even thinking about it – maybe I should start. Has something changed? Whoa, I better find out more.”

    I find it more appealing than the other two. Hey, looks like we can set up a poll on this topic. Maybe we need more catch phrases first to choose from.

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    AvatarGlenn Millam

    I like it.


    Thanks! OK, so my cousin Bahram came up with this one:

    Fusion: It’s not just in restaurants.


    Then the picture would be a plate with knife and fork, and on the plate some boron and hydrogen or the dpf.


    Fusion: Why are we waiting?


    Ooh! I just came up with another one. This one appeals to the American Spirit:

    I liked it so much, it’s on the home page now:

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fusion

    Maybe we can have a T-shirt of this. W/ stars and stripes? Because of course, stars are big burning balls of nuclear fusion.


    What about this one:

    Focus Fusion: Make Watts, not Rads


    belbear42 wrote: What about this one:

    Focus Fusion: Make Watts, not Rads

    Cool. How about Wanna Start Something? Make Watts, not Rads

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