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    My vote for best fusion device in fiction goes to the thermocuclear device in “The Fourth Bear: A Nursery Crime” by Jasper Fforde. WARNING! SPOILERS! MAJOR PLOT POINT REVEALED! From the book:

    …there is a theory that might explain the sort of damage we saw at Obscurity and on the Nullarbor. It was first postulated in the 1950s but was so far-fetched that even the hard-core pseudoscience elite dismissed it as nonsense. It was called Cold Ignition Fusion and was a way of building a small thermonuclear device using a deuterium/tritium fuel that could be self-extracting from the heavy hydrogen found in groundwater, and then mass-induced organic trigger to set it off.

    Yes. A thermocuclear device. Just read the book. Critical mass at 50kg.

    AvatarGlenn Millam

    I liked the “fusion reactor overload” in Aliens II, which is probably the thing that got me seriously thinking about fusion back in the ’80’s, when a physics-major friend of mine explained how hokey that concept was. When I learned that sustained, runaway reactions were impossible with a fusion reactor, it made me wonder why we weren’t putting more resources into its development.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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