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    Folks, we’ve talked about educating people about aneutronic fusion. Derek Shannon shows us the materials to explain the concept are readily available in this post. Now we just need to polish up the act and take it on the road.

    Does anyone out there have access to a captive audience of kids they can test art/education/aneutronic fusion on?

    One job of the Focus Fusion Society is to increase awareness of fusion science and research. Developing educational materials and collaborating with educators is a big part of this.

    We don’t just want to educate, we want to create fun cultural experiences where kids really connect to fusion and feel ownership of it. It’s our future!

    Our big measurable objective for ed materials is to develop something to help people distinguish the many flavors of fusion. Most people think fusion is one big thing. It’s not. There are several different reactors and approaches to fusion (ITER, NIF, Stellarator, DPF and many more!), and there are even different fuels to use that have a different effect (DT, pB11). If we can succeed in explaining this quickly and simply to kids – and if they have fun and turn around and say, “well, DUH! Of course!” – we’ll succeed with anyone! We are thus mostly looking for workshopping opportunities to try out different approaches with teachers and then with kids. We need co-creators for these materials.

    I don’t know if there’s enough lead time to prepare something, but perhaps we could get pledges on the 23rd to have a fusion workshop in schools at a later date.


    Like Torulf said, “Size matters”. We’re distinct in the lack of magnets, and all we traded was scalability. But what does scalability mean in a non-proven design? Photo-ops!
    Judo works along the same philosophy as the DPF- maybe a MMA tie-in? Go with the flow (Luke) 😆

    Nor do we use radioactive fuels or create radioactive wastes to dispose of- excuse me, manage.

    As for a captive audience, why not call some local principals and ask if their school would like to host a Fusion Fair? A principal announcing such an event would get instant news coverage that we’d never be able to get on our own.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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