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    Hi, are there any possibilities for an anode constructed from a material with superior performance to beryllium?

    Could lithium somehow be used as an electrode, in spite of its low melt-point? (ie. if supercooling were used)
    It has the smaller nuclear cross-section in its favor.
    Or what about lithium hydride?

    What about a lithium-beryllium alloy? I’d read it might be possible to make this at high pressures.

    Or what about beryllium hydride?


    desired properties include:
    * high melting point
    * high electrical conductivity
    * high thermal conductivity
    * low neutron absorption cross-section
    * low xray absorption cross-section
    * good stability in vacuum

    lithium melting point is quite low. anything exposed to the plasma is going to get to over 1000° C.
    heavy elements would absorb a lot of xray.
    wouldn’t hydrides bleed off their hydrogen when you put them in vacuum?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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