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    Tulse wrote: Of course, the Big Damn Heroes in Firefly are fighting against (or, more accurately, pulling crimes against) the core planets and their government, which is somewhat oppressive, however pretty the cities are. So again, it may not be a great example.

    (And yes, I know way too much about the Firefly ‘verse.)

    Impressive! Was that in the DVD extras, or did you have to do some book learning for it?

    The Firefly heroes are resisting excessive regulation. The future is bound to be messy. All fusion can do is clean up the environment and provide energy and lots of water and space travel. But come to think of it, moral and status issues will be with us always. Identity, racism, stem cells, clones, artificial implants, modification of people and creatures – attempts to medically alter the psyche, commodification of everything.

    As long as we have each other, we’ll never run out of problems.

    The key here is that we’ll do it in a fascinating, futuristic environment with lots of energy for expansion into the reaches of space, and terraforming and the like. We’re going BEYOND “sustainability” (which means what? Sustaining the present status quo?) to having positive biological diversity impact in the dead of space. Flowers springing up from our footprints. Cosmic aspirations.

    Or not. Depends on if we can figure this thing out. And other things. Hours of fun.


    Rezwan wrote: Was that in the DVD extras, or did you have to do some book learning for it?

    It’s pretty much from the original series and the film. (There is an “official” list of planets and their locales, but that is basically a retcon for the film, as the original series was not terribly clear about the relationships among the various named locations.)

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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