Date of advert: 4 March 2018, updated 1st of April

Deadline: 3 June 2018 5pm (GMT)

Interviews: mid-late June 2018

Job Title: Animation Feature Producer

Location: UK (meetings in Bournemouth and London)

Duration: to be discussed.

Payment: per episode (see below). Details to be discussed.


The Focus Fusion Society and Atul’s Earth are looking for an experienced Animation Feature Producer. Your role will be to project manage the production of the feature film, Minnie, from start to finish. Your experience will be invaluable in ensuring all contractual, budgetary, rights and other practical issues are considered and implemented in accordance with all relevant legislation. Your role will also be to integrate and implement solutions to the long term factors post-production to maximise exposure and revenue.


Minnie is about a potentially comprehensive solution to climate change and the energy crisis: small nuclear fusion devices. The feature length script and trailer for Minnie have been completed. To view the trailer, and an article with more information about why the film was written, please see:

The project team consists so far of a writer, creative director, animator, and the Focus Fusion Society as a fundraiser and stakeholder. For more information about the Focus Fusion Society, please see:

Progress so far:

The team are planning to raise funds to produce the feature length version of Minnie using multiple income streams, including crowdfunding, and are able to contribute initial funds to start the process. The plan is currently to raise the funds using an episodic approach: raising the funds for and producing the film in a series of two minute episodes. This strategy is designed to minimise financial risks. We estimate that the film can be produced with a relatively low budget. The team now needs an experienced producer to ensure all practicalities are considered, and solutions implemented, to ensure the film is produced, released and distributed professionally.

 Job Description:

To lead the project team through all creative, production and post-production issues, including:

  • Completing the cast and crew, and ensuring appropriate contracts are in place.
  • Completing the plan for partnerships, sponsorships, crowdfunding and other revenue streams.
  • Completing the draft budget and implementing solutions to all financial factors.
  • Ensuring all rights for creative copyrighted assets, including music and lyrics, are secured on the best possible terms.
  • Leading on release and distribution, including writing and signing contracts with outlets for featuring individual episodes, as well as the full feature film, and ensuring maximum and appropriate copyright revenue and audience coverage.

Person Specification:

This is a role for an experienced feature film producer. The essential requirements for the role are:

  • Producer credits on 2+ feature films.
  • Understanding all aspects of the production process from start to finish.
  • Experience of working with distributed teams and on a limited budget.
  • Experience of meeting all legal and regulatory requirements of feature films.
  • Experience of setting and managing feature film budgets.
  • Experience of drafting and signing contracts with cast, crew and others as part of the production process.
  • Experience of securing finance for the production of a feature film.
  • Experience of leading on feature film releases and distribution.

The desirable skills, knowledge and experience that will help the post holder to fulfill the role include:

  • Having a network of contacts within the film industry, including video distribution platforms and advertising.
  • Experience of the animation, environmental and / or fusion industries.
  • Creative vision and the ability to input into the creative process.
  • Experience of casting for voiceover artists.
  • Being self-motivated, proactive and having the ability to motivate others.
  • Experience of negotiating.

To Apply

Please email your CV and a covering letter that addresses each of the essential requirements listed above. Please send your email by 3 April 2018 5pm (GMT) copying in both and

About Us

Focus Fusion Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization. Focus Fusion brings people together to pursue the dream of clean, accessible & abundant energy from fusion. Our goal is to make the resulting technology available to everyone. 
Atul’s Earth is a headed by Atul Srivastava. He is an environmentalist, fundraising consultant, podcaster, presenter, screenwriter, director, actor and voiceover artist. He wrote the feature film script for Minnie and directed the trailer.
Animator Pete is headed by Pete Nicholson. He is an animator based in London. He did the artwork and animated the trailer for Minnie.