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Vox reported on the UN Climate talks December 15, 2019. The group could not come to an agreement on what to do about the Paris Climate Agreement. ( Endangering the planet even more. You have to ask, how much longer this bureaucratic downward spiral will continue. Sooner or later people had better agree to stop producing green house gasses, or fund fusion to stop the problem.

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Moon Dreams of Aneutronic Fusion

Knowing What We Know Today August 8, 2017 We learned from history that a Roanoke Colony colony disappeared in 1587. The Anglo-Spanish war prevented anyone from sailing back to the colonists until 1590. If industries finally chase after the mineral riches on the moon, they will need a colony there, and sustainable plans will be required. There is a huge opportunity to advance our science and engineering by setting these large goals, but we must also remember the legacy of those who have sacrificed as explorers. Surviving in that environment should remind us of contingency plans for those distances. There should be ways to rescue pioneers or miners. Moon Pioneers need long term energy plans and a vast number of […]

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