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    zapkitty wrote:

    Rossi, and perhaps Focardi, have been funding their E-Cat project entirely on their own, with no one else’s money.

    This falsehood has recently been shot down over at talk-polywell… which fact may go far in explaining you suddenly popping up here.



    … apparently Defkalion is not spme sort of an “independent” company but is actually a collection of Rossi investors.

    $200 million euros already and selling licenses for a technology even the inventor says won’t be actually validated until next year… if ever…

    … funny that you didn’t mention any of that.

    Seems as if T-P has a dual personality… the posters can and have done quite credible work in deconstructing questionable scientific claims such as E-cat… as long as scientific subjects don’t touch on wingnut hot-button issues such as climate change 🙂

    What Rossi has always said is completely consistent with the references in the above post, that Defkalion is building a factory to make new E-Cat reactors, and that they are therefore essentially investors in Rossi’s technology. He says they are not funding the initial megawatt combination of E-Cat reactors, instead they are paying for it to be used in their factory after it is delivered to them and it checks out in October or later. He also says that he has finished construction of the hundreds of E-Cat that go into the megawatt combination, and is currently testing them. Defkalion being E-Cat factory investors is not inconsistent with him doing all the work up to demonstrating the megawatt reactor using his own funds. Nor is it inconsistent for him to have other licensees lined up after Defkalion.

    However, he has received money from AmpEnergo.
    AmpEnergo – NyTeknik

    Obviously, it is questionable to consider Defkalion an independent evaluator of the megawatt E-Cat reactor, when Defkalion is being set up to manufacture E-Cat and is an investor in the technology. Not much independence there, especially considering that no other independent evaluations have been allowed. As I see it, we have no hard information on the E-Cat reactor one way or another, and it looks like we won’t until either we have one in our hands or the whole project falls apart. Personally, if I had 200 million euros, I think it would be a better bet to put it on F-F.

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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