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More Stellarator News

Written by Tim Lash, Focus Fusion Society Contributor. Recently we posted an update on the Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (MPIPP) in Greifswald Germany. This week sees more news on the stellarator front. Southwest Jiaotong University announced plans to build a stellarator fusion reactor. This undertaking will be in partnership with Japan’s National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS). NIFS already operates a similar reactor in Japan called the Large Helical Device. NIFS and Southwest Jiaotong University will design, implement and construct, plasma heating, technical diagnostics and ultimately conduct plasma experiments. They will then introduce the helical device to be called CFQS (Chinese First Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator). This announcement is on the heels of another […]

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LPP Fusion New Video Series

Written by Tim Lash, Focus Fusion Society Contributor. Edited by Ignas Galvelis, Supervising Director. Last fall Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Fusion (LPP Fusion) Chief Scientist Eric Lerner was the featured speaker for the New York City Physics and Astronomy Meetup groups.  Fortunately, the event was captured on video and recently released as a YouTube video series named ”The New Race to Fusion.”  Mr. Lerner spoke to the assembled groups for over an hour on the current state of fusion research including his own.  He also touched on the background of several ongoing fusion efforts, as well as their best fusion results.  Most interesting were the comparisons made between these current outcomes and those of his own Focus Fusion-1 device.  Based on a […]

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