Dense Plasma Focus ("DPF")

Invented in 1964, the Dense Plasma Focus ("DPF") is known to generate fusion reactions. The question is: can it generate net energy from fusion? LPP's DPF is designed to test this idea with pB11 fuel. As a proof of concept device, many things had to be taken into consideration for its unique design.
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LPP's Dense Plasma Focus Design

DPF assembly:
The bulk of the device exists to deliver a powerful current to the electrodes.
Electrode Assembly
The heart of the device. As the powerful current passes over these electrodes, a plasmoid will form, fusion will occur. Will it be enough for net energy?
DPF Animation
To help visualize the theories being tested by LPP with this device.

LPP's Experimental Space Design

DPF floor plan
Floor Plan
The DPF is in a room with three foot thick walls. Note the maze-like entrance.
Mini Faraday cage
To keep the RFP from disrupting instruments.
Support structure
To elevate the parts of the machine so that researchers can get "under the hood"
Front Plate
Instrument interface
To connect diagnostic instruments to the experimental device.
Time of Flight
Otherwise how will we know if we got enough fusion?

DPF: History, applications, other projects

DPF projects worldwide
Coming soon, a catalog of other DPF projects, and where LPP's DPF fits (not too big, like Warsaw and Vegas, not too small like the typical model. A Goldilocks machine.)
Xray image
DPF Applications:
The DPF is a pulsed X-ray and neutron source (if running with deuterium) for medical and security inspection applications and materials modification. For next-generation microelectronics lithography, surface micromachining. Also testing electronic equipment and detecting nuclear materials.

The DPF was invented in 1964 by Mather and Fillipov.

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LPP on the same beam with larger DPF in Warsaw

Jul 14, 2011

Reprinted from the LPPX July 8, 2011 Report.

New 3D Fusion Poster

Apr 14, 2011

A big Thank You to Sascha Becher aka Stereotron for producing this stereoscopic 3D poster of the electrodes of the Dense Plasma Focus

Please feel free to download and print copies of this poster for your pro-fusion events. Also, feel free to design more posters, collages, fine art, mixed media extravaganzas.  As we did with Stereotron, we are happy to supply you with the full sized raw images for manipulation. 

Plasma Rockets:  Can we make it to Mars?

Feb 24, 2011

What if you were trapped in the chamber with FoFu-1 during a shot?

Feb 19, 2011

Now you know!

Focus fusion movie with real ICCD images released

Feb 07, 2011

LPP worked together with the Focus Fusion Society to compile images from the experiment’s high-speed camera into an overall movie of what is happening when Focus Fusion-1 fires its capacitor bank.

Commencing Ruggedization

Feb 01, 2011

The ruggedized tungsten rods are in from the manufacturer.  What a difference!

Morphing towards a fusion future

Jan 29, 2011

We’ve used these two images - One from the LPP lab and one by Torulf Greek - side by side to represent how we want fusion to progress, so why not up the ante with some morphing action?

Switches and Sparkplugs

Jan 01, 2011

This post breaks down the design of FoFu-1’s twelve spark gap switches, which release current from the twelve capacitors to the main electrodes.  The switch plates and spark plugs are undergoing “ruggedization” to overcome the challenges discussed here.

FoFu-1 Design

Dec 24, 2010

Seasons greetings everyone!  I’ve just uploaded a set of photos on FoFu-1’s design.  This set is packed with explanations and information.  Let me know if it gives you a sense of how the machine fits together.

Main Electrode Assembly photos

Dec 17, 2010

Tackling the backlog of pictures.  Here are a few oldies but goodies you’ve already seen, plus a few more to give the sense of how the electrode assembly goes together.

Switch reliability allows higher fusion yield

Oct 13, 2010

Firing all switches repeatedly and reliably

Oct 13, 2010

Getting the switches under control

Sep 15, 2010

July Switch Update

Aug 09, 2010

This update on the switch situation from the LPPX July Focus Fusion Report:

New Spark Plugs Pass First Tests

Jun 10, 2010

Our new spark plugs, which we hope to be far more rugged than the old, automotive ones, have passed their initial tests.

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