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What is Focus Fusion?

Read me first (overview).

"Focus Fusion" is the aneutronic fusion of hydrogen & boron (pB11) fuel using the Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) to create the greenest energy imaginable. Can it be done? We'll know when the LPP Experiment is done.

Q: What is the relationship of FFS and LPP?
Your involvement makes a big difference! Join online, or send checks payable to Focus Fusion Society, 128 Lincoln Blvd., Middlesex, NJ 08846.
Aneutronic Fusion
no radiation fusion logo
"a-neutronic" = "no neutrons". The ideal fusion reaction generates essentially no neutrons, ergo no radiation and no weapons capacity. This is not your grandpa's fusion.

Proton Boron (pB11)Fuel
proton and boron nuclei
Hydrogen nuclei have one proton ("p"). Boron nuclei have five protons, six neutrons (5+6=11, "B11"). Together, p + B11 are the likeliest candidates for aneutronic fusion.

Dense Plasma Focus (DPF)
dense plasma focus
A versatile device. It achieves fusion. Can it achieve net energy? The LPP Experiment will tell.

How Green is it?
Green leaf
Hands down, the greenest energy imaginable. Greener than the greenest renewable. Much greener than conventional fusion. Clorophyll, bring it on.

The Challenge
While fusion has been achieved, net energy from fusion has eluded humanity for 60 years. What makes it so challenging? Is it impossible? Have we really tried? What can YOU do to make fusion happen?

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Future City Winners!

Feb 10, 2012

Congratulations to Team Xiwang, (Cambrie Hickman, Rachel Fisher, Jessie Friedman and Timothy Graunke)  on winning the Arizona Future City Competition!  And a big Thank You to the team for running their city on aneutronic fuel, dubbed “HB Fuse”!

LPP on the same beam with larger DPF in Warsaw

Jul 14, 2011

Reprinted from the LPPX July 8, 2011 Report.

New 3D Fusion Poster

Apr 14, 2011

A big Thank You to Sascha Becher aka Stereotron for producing this stereoscopic 3D poster of the electrodes of the Dense Plasma Focus

Please feel free to download and print copies of this poster for your pro-fusion events. Also, feel free to design more posters, collages, fine art, mixed media extravaganzas.  As we did with Stereotron, we are happy to supply you with the full sized raw images for manipulation. 

Duke Researchers Offer insight into Aneutronic fusion

Apr 05, 2011

Thanks to Dan619 for telling us about this: “Understanding the 11B(p,a)aa reaction at the 0.675 MeV resonance”, S. Stave et al, Physics letters B, December 2010.  (pdf file)

Plasma Rockets:  Can we make it to Mars?

Feb 24, 2011

What if you were trapped in the chamber with FoFu-1 during a shot?

Feb 19, 2011

Now you know!

Focus fusion movie with real ICCD images released

Feb 07, 2011

LPP worked together with the Focus Fusion Society to compile images from the experiment’s high-speed camera into an overall movie of what is happening when Focus Fusion-1 fires its capacitor bank.

What are neutrons?  And what do we have against them?

Jan 14, 2011

Aneutronic means “no neutrons” - does this mean we want to eliminate neutrons?

Switches and Sparkplugs

Jan 01, 2011

This post breaks down the design of FoFu-1’s twelve spark gap switches, which release current from the twelve capacitors to the main electrodes.  The switch plates and spark plugs are undergoing “ruggedization” to overcome the challenges discussed here.

FoFu-1 Design

Dec 24, 2010

Seasons greetings everyone!  I’ve just uploaded a set of photos on FoFu-1’s design.  This set is packed with explanations and information.  Let me know if it gives you a sense of how the machine fits together.

Focus Fusion Flyer

Nov 29, 2010

It was a challenge to distill FFS into such a small space, but here it is!  Check out the new Focus Fusion Society tri-fold (pdf file)

Feel free to print this out and use it to explain our organization to others.

Posters to kick off fusion conversations

Oct 28, 2010

Ever wonder how to explain Focus Fusion to someone?  Ever find yourself starting with the device, and realizing you have to backtrack and explain a whole lot of other stuff first? 

Here are some posters to help you with that.

pB11 Art Project

Oct 11, 2010

Thank you to Derek Shannon for decorating the LPP lab walls with a schematic representation of proton boron fusion made from paper plates and mixed media.  Now to get every school kid in America to do this sort of thing.  A great way to explain aneutronic fusion!

FoFu-1: The Music Video!  Plasma physics meets “Electric Feel” for science

Aug 14, 2010

With ambitious goals close on the horizon, now is a great time to get excited about the science that will stream out of FoFu-1’s experimental program like helium from its electrodes!

And if you have no idea what the previous sentence meant, this video is a great place to join the party!  Check out one of the most exciting and near-term clean energy investigations on the planet as the FoFu-1 dense plasma focus unleashes its lightning against MGMT‘s “Electric Feel (Justice Remix)”.  Then lend your support as science determines just how these whirling plasma filaments dance.

Fossils or Fusion?  Your Energy Future

Aug 03, 2010

Thanks to Mark Nelson for completing this fabulous video!

Technical help:  I’ve uploaded it to Youtube and embedded it here.  The original video (.mov) is available here.   Note some difference in the sound synch between the two vids.  Is there any way I can correct that on Youtube?  Also, how do I change the still image?  I want to have the starburst as the placeholder.  Let me know.  And now, Enjoy:

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