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Posted by Rezwan on Oct 12, 2010 at 10:09 AM
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Focus fusion is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Flickr.  Here are some reasons for you to be part of this growing network, and some tips on how to do that.

Social Networks as Connectomes

How do we put our collective minds to fusion?  How do we get our communal brain thinking and talking about fusion, bring about a pro-fusion culture and get fusion a better place in the global problem-solving agenda?

Twitter and other social networks are like the connectomes of the brain, linking all of us in an even larger brain. 

What’s a connectome?  It’s really cool.  Check out this TED talk from a leader in the field of connectomics.  Then become part of the fusion connectome! 

How can twitter help fusion?


Twitter can be used to find, follow and share fusion news.  Both Focus Fusion (@focusfusion) and LPP (@LPPX) are on Twitter, as are many other fusion labs (I’ve started a twitter list of some fusion labs - tweet me to add more.)  You can follow these feeds by joining twitter and clicking the “follow” button under our names. 

Once you follow someone, you can get their takes on stories and engage in conversation with them there.  You can also tell your friends and followers about these feeds, and help the pro-fusion network grow.  Your engagement, conversation and retweeting are an important neural connection in the collective pro-fusion brain. 

And there are a lot of other great blogs and professionals on Twitter. Use the search feature on Twitter to search for certain words and you can find people interested in the same subjects you are. You can also share pro-fusion tips in tweets or links to articles you want others to read.

Hashtags are another way to spread green news on Twitter.  When you hashtag something it marks it as a concept you want to spread.  For example, we like to hashtag #aneutronic fusion. 

For detailed tips on how to use twitter, check out this Tree Hugger blog post.

Twitter is also a useful for good old fashioned, daily life social stuff, as this video explains.

Facebook - Make Friends with Fusion


Facebook is likewise a key social media connection tool.  It gives you more detail than twitter.  We’ve had conversations elsewhere about leveraging this further for pro-fusion culture not just by spreading news, but also by creating interactive games and quizzes and other campaigns.

Youtube and Flickr


We’ve been posting our videos to Youtube, and finding great fusion related videos up there which we are adding to our favorites.  You can retweet videos, facebook link to videos, or even start your own youtube channel.  Best of all, you can make fusion themed movies and upload them to youtube.  There are a lot of concepts to explain, and many ways to explain the same concept.  We’d love a profusion of pro-fusion movies.  An example of low-budget animation for concept explanation can be seen in this simple zombie video.  Now think of how to explain fusion - and, ACTION! 


Flickr has turned out to be a simple outlet for our growing photo collection.  We’re woefully behind on processing the pictures, although we are getting it down to a system.  We use lightroom as a database and photo stream processing tool.  In lightroom, we can add a lot of metadata to each photo such as keywords, titles and captions, and then simply upload all of this onto flickr.

Your involvement makes a big difference! Join online, or send checks payable to Focus Fusion Society, 128 Lincoln Blvd., Middlesex, NJ 08846.


For a more in depth discussion, start a thread in the forums.
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Rock on!  Per @hitrecordjoe on twitter, “We inhabit a state of atemporality enabled by our increasingly efficient communal prosthetic memory.”

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