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Posted by Rezwan on Oct 28, 2010 at 07:15 PM
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Ever wonder how to explain Focus Fusion to someone?  Ever find yourself starting with the device, and realizing you have to backtrack and explain a whole lot of other stuff first? 

Here are some posters to help you with that.

We’ve pulled these posters together for the rally, but they’re also a start on educational materials.  Feel free to print them out and use them at events you attend.  Let us know how they work.  We look forward to your feedback.

These posters are simplified to work as a point of reference.  You’ll have to explain around each point, but you will see the basic points laid out.  Hopefully, your listeners will be able to keep track of it all and keep it all in perspective. 

Feel free to make up posters of your own and share them with us!  We’d like to see how others explain these concepts and find out what works.

Aneutronic Fusion Poster

This poster has “Aneutronic Fusion” and the “arms raised up peace symbol” on one side.  On the reverse side, we have a brief explanation of aneutronic fusion vs. DT fusion vs. fission.  There’s a lot of information to cram in if you want to understand the aneutronic fusion concept.

Download the pdf here.  Thumbnails of the front and back:

“Get Fusion” Policy Poster

This poster asks people to “Get Fusion” on one side, and tells them what current national fusion policy is on the other side. 

Download the pdf here.  Thumbnails of the front and back:

Unfortunately, this is, indeed, our national fusion policy in a nutshell.

“Energy Efficiency” Poster

Download the pdf here.  Thumbnails of the front and back:

OK, this one’s a bit cheesy.  This comes from the “it’s not just about energy” department.  One side of the poster invites the viewer to contemplate our strange universe, with these burning balls of gas (stars) and how little life they sustain (i.e., we’re amazingly lucky on our planet.  How common is this? Size and “goldilocks zone” restrictions to life abound). 

How inefficient is that? 

The idea is that if we can develop fusion (without the mass of a star), we can have energy on demand, anywhere in the universe.  In remote space stations or colonies, for example.  It’s a bit “above and beyond” the usual energy conversation.

The back of this poster is the “technology barrier” poster.  Again, fusion isn’t just about energy, it’s about graduating to a higher order of being.  The barrier cuts across the middle of the poster.  Above the line is “Fusion Time!”  Draw/collage in what you want to see in the fascinating future world.  Below the line is our status quo.  Fossil Fuel Rule!  Some good, some bad, very limited.

The great part about this poster is that it’s interactive.  You can have people draw on it, fill it in, sign it like a cast.

I suppose these two sides could be used individually.  They are together here because they’re in the same pdf.

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