New record beams bode well for applications

Posted by Rezwan on May 20, 2011 at 03:47 PM
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Reprinted from the LPPX May 19, 2011 Report:

FF-1 Record for ion beam current—near 300 kA

With our greater repeatability has come a reduced variability and larger current in the beam measured by the upper Rogowski coil (URC) and by our photo-multiplier tubes (PMTs), which measure hard X-rays generated by the electron beam. Our highest current beams, seen twice on May 11, have current of almost 300 kA, and most of the beams observed are within a factor of 3 of that current. Measurement of the time delay between the electron beams arriving at the electrode and the ion beams arriving at the URC indicate that the bulk of the ions are traveling with energies of 0.6-1.0 MeV, but a high energy tail has energies up to a few MeV. This observation is right in line with our prediction of energies of 0.9 MeV and current of 280 kA, proving again we are getting good transference of energy into the plasma and into the beam, but not quite enough compression to get high density. The greater reliability of the beams means LPP’s DPF technology can generate more reliable bursts of high intensity X-rays. This should prove attractive to potential partners in the development of our X-Scan non-destructive inspection spin-off technology.

Previously in beam excitement: Measurement of X-rays from FoFu-1 electron beam shows that LPP’s X-Scan application is technically feasible

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