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Posted by Rezwan on Aug 03, 2009 at 12:40 AM
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LPP has now received all parts needed for the construction of the DPF itself except the vacuum chamber and drift tube.

On July 31, K. Murali Subramanian began testing the fit of the parts, which were manufactured in four different machine shops. He successfully mated together the aluminum transmission lines that carry the current from the capacitors and switches to the intermediate steel plates that pass the current onto the central assembly. 

This photo shows one arm of the four-arm system. These are the top plates, which are charged, while the bottom plates are grounded. The holes at left are for the switches.  We will complete the fit testing next week.

The unistrut bid we received for the support structure was not acceptable ($25,000!) so we are doing the design and unistrut construction ourselves, starting construction as soon as wall construction is over. Design is now complete.

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