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Please feel free to make additional films, flyers, interactive flash slide show etc., to explain this and other concepts. Source materials (images, animations) are available on our flickr page via creative commons attribution share-alike license: you are free to use the images as long as you attribute them to us and link back to us - in fact, we'd love to see your productions!

Education Project

We’ve got an education project in the works to design (and test) a curriculum that will take the average 5th grader from start to finish, featuring everything you need to know about the LPPX. It'll be interactive!

It turns out you have to explain quite a bit for most people to fully comprehend. It’s a dense (heh!) topic. All we need is the funding: Donate now!

DPF Animation

Posted by Rezwan on Nov 13, 2009 at 01:23 AM
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Focus Fusion Films presents “dense plasma focus”, incorporating animation by Torulf Greek.  Edited with Sony Moviemaker.  More films to follow.  Your contribution is essential to this process. 



Two nested electrodes

The video refers to “two electrodes” yet the images show lots of rods.  What’s going on?  The inner electrode is the hollow cylinder in the center.  The outer electrode is comprised of all of the rods on the outside.  Collectively, all these rods are considered the one outer electrode.  For comparison, some Dense Plasma Focus machines have a solid cylinder as the outer electrode.  More about electrode design.

Vacuum chamber

The vacuum chamber is shown open - i.e., in the photo, the base is not attached so that you can see the electrodes.  Of course, it won’t be able to hold a vacuum without the base attached.  Visit this page for more insight into the core electrodes.

The switches also have electrodes

Note that in addition to the core electrodes, each of the switches on the capacitor bank has electrodes.  We call them “switch electrodes” to distinguish them from the “core electrodes” above.  The switch problem that you read about elsewhere on the site is part of the driver system that is designed to deliver the charge to the core electrodes.

“Time lapse”

Check out this visual overview of FoFu-1’s driver system, taken over the course of its construction.  You can watch it being built!

As to the animation above, note also the red and blue beams representing positive and negative ions have been marked the opposite of convention. 

Another animation of the DPF

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Brian H's avatar

Nice; when there are clips of pinches actually happening thru the pinhole camera, etc., it might be nice to insert or append them.
Any video of the event itself going to go up?

You need a video that explains how strong magnetic fields cause quantum effects that minimize Brem in a pB reaction and how a small magnetic field can induce the plasmoid.  These two things are the genius behind FF.  It probably would also be good to talk about how you get energy from the proton/electron beams.

Rezwan's avatar

Yes, Derek has just linked together some of the images from the ICCD camera and animated it so that they fade in and out of each other.  It gives a good sense of the pinching.  We will upload it soon.

I presented this video to my friend. During the presentation the following issues were noticed: 
1)“Two electrodes” are hard to see. There is just to many rods and parts on the DPF. 
2)Everything happens too fast for a newbie to notice.

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There’s a || symbol on the control strip. It is—(wait for it!)—a “pause” button. Stop the animation every few seconds if necessary.


I know how to pause, on the other hand a perspective supported might ignore a video he does not understand.

Brian H's avatar

?? Would that be a “prospective supporter”??

As Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Don’t be a grammar nazi

Brian H's avatar

Sorry, full-time GrammarNasty here, no apologies. I contend it’s up to the writer to be clear, not to push off the work onto the reader to figger out what was “really” meant.

That was my original intention

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