My Water’s on Fire Tonight

Posted by Rezwan on Jun 06, 2011 at 05:55 PM
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aka “The Fracking Song”

More reasons to fund fusion.

A reader notes that allegedly, there was methane in the water decades before the fracking began.  This raises the question, is the threat of fracking overstated?  Is the pre-existing methane situation overstated?  Is fracking as harmless as industry asserts?  Could fracking be making a pre-existing condition worse? 

Here’s Tom Ridge on the Colbert report dismissing the dangers of fracking.

Fracking is probably not improving water quality.  But we (the Focus Fusion Society) don’t have enough information know where to put fracking in the “environmental impact per TWH” scale.  We wish there were such a scale, because we’d like to get these vague assertions of “it’s dangerous, it’s safe” in context.  We’d like to see something similar to the “Deaths per TWH by Energy Supply” scale for environmental damages. 

As you know from our Global Warming policy, we don’t have the time to sort out this sort of debate.  But we are acutely aware that fusion research continues to be inadequately funded.

We’re bringing up this debate mostly to get people to direct their energy and talent into developing more excellent and challenging forms of energy.  Even if exonerated, fracking is a crude shortcut to energy supply.  We’d like to see people applying their ingenuity to tapping cosmic energy supply.

In other words, fracking is mundane, beneath us (literally).  Let’s aim high. 

The other reason for posting this video - inspiration for fusion themed videos.  We’d love to see musical videos, animations extolling the virtues of fusion research, in and of itself, or vs. fracking.  Or whatever else this inspires.  You are the filmmakers!

Speaking of which, the fusion film and music festival is percolating in the background.

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Bah. That’s a calumny. The whole watershed there has historically been infused with NG. Some sharpie exploitation of the frakkers going on. But they’re hip to it now, and are pretesting supplies to prevent these little games.  mad

We could argue that oil is naturally occurring substance therefore any oil spills should be regarded as natural disasters even when they are running from artificially drilled wells. I don’t content that there are similar natural phenomenon as well as man-made, but we should learn ways to attribute the causes as well as effects to them them properly.

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Frak gas is dirt cheap world-wide compared to normal fossil fuel supplies, but FF would be much cheaper yet. It’s inherently more efficient, and orders of magnitude less dangerous and polluting. 

When I’m posting here and there, I predict that because of costs and “footprint”, FF would make renewables instant economic roadkill. But the same would happen to most energy sources (insofar as they are “fungible” with electricity) over time. FF is so transformative it’s very hard to envisage all the changes it would bring.
big surprise
Which is why it needs and deserves every bit of support we can provide or arrange or encourage.  cheese

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