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The Focus Fusion Society

Posted by Admin on Oct 13, 2010 at 12:33 AM
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The Focus Fusion Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization located in New Jersey.  We seek to turn the dream of safe, affordable, clean, abundant energy from aneutronic nuclear fusion into a practical reality as soon as possible, and to ensure that this technology is made available to everyone.

We are a unique organization.  Our vitality comes from our members.  If you have joined our ranks, you are one of the pioneering people in the world who is intrigued by the possibilities of aneutronic fusion, and undaunted by the challenges.

Our organization is focused around the following areas of need:

Focus Fusion Education and Awareness

Coming soon, a less cluttered site, focusing on focus fusion!  

Members, the task of this organization is to help educate the world about focus fusion, and to get more people aware of it, because after all that’s how people find out about it, and how some people come to fund the Focus Fusion project at LPP.  We have set up a wiki so that members can help develop a knowledge base.  In addition to the wiki, reach out and start spreading the word!   

Other ways for members to get involved include chartered clubs.  Form chartered clubs and then take advantage of the uprising on wall street, and these demonstrations going on around the country.  Eric Lerner feels they are a great place to have people show up and talk about the importance of fusion, and to make the case that the government needs to fund fusion alternatives.  This is certainly a good place to go and meet active people.   

Energy and Beyond

Our major environmental and economic problems come down to a shortage of clean energy and clean water.  Clean water is largely an energy problem as well, because desalinizing water consumes a lot of energy.

Today, many energy and conservation solutions are being urgently pursued.  The goal is sustainability.  The methods are renewables, cleaning up fossil fuels, and improved fission.  What about fusion? 

Many fusion scientists feel that, at the current pace, it will only happen many decades into the future.  However, with more consistency, more diversity of research, more creative approaches, lightning could strike.  We could get “lucky” and it could happen sooner. 

Your support is needed to bring about that “luck.”  Your support is needed to bring urgency, focus and will to breaking through the fusion technology barrier. 


The Fusion Community Needs Pro-Diversification & Pro-Aneutronic Organizations

What further distinguishes us from the handful of pro fusion organizations out there is that we explicitly promote funding of diverse approaches to fusion research, including aneutronic fusion.  For us, the current national fusion policy is overly linear, pursuing a few big deuterium/tritium (DT) projects, leaving other intriguing DT projects underfunded, and leaving aneutronic fusion to the very dim future. 

Note that, when pressed, DT researchers often acknowledge that aneutronic fusion is, indeed, the ultimate fusion goal.

National Fusion Policy Needs to Embrace More Diverse Approaches to Fusion

We find the current linear fusion policy unnecessarily limiting.  We think the field of fusion is better served by a “parallel pursuit policy”.  (In other words, rather than a few missiles, a multi-target approach to fusion).

With your support, we will work to make the diversification of fusion approaches and funding of aneutronic fusion explicitly stated objectives of local, national and even international fusion policy.  We will develop the relationships, strategy and capacity to tackle policy change.  We will educate ourselves and the public about the way fusion policy has been made, and how it can be changed. We will coordinate with other green organizations and get them on alert.

Together with other forward fusion thinkers we will set in motion the things that need to be done to improve fusion policy, to create a broader, more inclusive, diversified fusion research climate. 

Research Support

Fusion scientists and researchers need our support.  They need more funding, more funding consistency, better policy, more appreciation, a better job market, data support and other resources.  We will work to build awareness of researcher needs, and to uncover and develop more effective ways to support them in the pursuit of fusion. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to fund research directly at this time.  For those of you who are expecting your donations to fund research, note that we need to work out some legal and organizational issues to be able to take that on, and we’ll need a larger fund. 

With your support, we will continue to be active spectators of the world of fusion research, with a front row seat on one particular, accessible fusion experiment, the “LPPX Project”.  Our support for them takes on the form of reports, updates, explanations, photos and videos to inform people who visit our website about their work and the need for it.  We also host a forum which adds an open-source element to their work, as they get a lot of feedback from scientists and technicians that they wouldn’t have access to.

The LPPX Project

We enthusiastically support the “Focus Fusion” concept being tested by the Lawrenceville Plasma Physics experiment (“LPPX”). 

This concept best embodies all the ideal elements of aneutronic fusion we’d like to see in the world.  If the Dense Plasma Focus, burning proton boron fuel (pB11), can produce net energy, it will mean that small, inexpensive, easily decentralized, non-radioactive nuclear fusion reactors are within reach.

We are enamored of this project because of the human scale.  We also like the way it seeks to work with the instabilities of plasmas, rather than trying to control them.  Most of all, we like the projected short turnaround time.  This is the only fusion project that may be able to show feasibility within a few years and for a few million$.  If this project works, it will certainly save us all a lot of time on that whole protracted “quest for fusion” thing.

If it works, generations from now they will wonder why it took so long to get the funds raised and the proof of concept done.  (Note: we can’t fund the LPPX but accredited investors can.  You’ll have to contact them directly.)

LPPX is a microcosm of the paradox of fusion research, and a great place to practice our policy of being supportive of scientists in the act of exploring ideas that may lead to fusion breakthroughs.  We will continue to cheer them on and keep the focus on completing the work, whatever the outcome. 

Your involvement makes a big difference! Join online, or send checks payable to Focus Fusion Society, 128 Lincoln Blvd., Middlesex, NJ 08846.


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