Brzosko Reports Repeatable Functioning of DPF

Posted by Admin on Mar 16, 2008 at 04:52 AM
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Dr. Jan Brzosko reports that the DPF can function in a highly repeatable manner. 

One criticism that has often been raised against focus fusion is that the dense plasma focus can not function in a highly repeatable manner. Indeed in most experiments neutron yield can vary by a factor of three or more for the same conditions.  However, we and other researchers have long contended that a properly-optimized DPF can function in a much more repeatable fashion.

Dr. Brzosko’s experimental results have now shown this to be the case.

In a presentation to the Seventh Symposium on Current Trends in International Fusion research, held a year ago, but recently released on the Web, Dr. Jan Brzosko reported that in 500 shots a DPF functioning at a peak current of 0.95 MA had neutron yields that had a standard deviation of only about 15%.  The experiments were preformed at DianaHitech’s laboratory in Jersey City, NJ. Unfortunately, DianaHitech no longer exists, so this experimental work is not continuing. But the results are confirmation that the DPF can run reliably.

The presentation is available for download (pdf file) from

(see graph a, p.26)

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