Pepsi Open Grant Fund Raising
Posted: 25 April 2010 12:40 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Focus Fusion needs an infusion of funds to complete its goals. And, there are a number of innovative creative ways to do it on the internet and in the media, without expending marketing dollars. One is Public Relations and another is Web 2.0 marketing techniques. These take on various individualized tasks, such as blogging and social networking. A campaign by the Pepsi corporation was started to gain traffic to there web site and to provide a voting forum on “...ideas that will have a positive impact.” this is for both individuals and non-profit companies.

This is one of those strange opportunities on the internet where a great concept such as plasma fusion could gain both funding and more visibility in the public eye.
Download a non- profit grant application and submit your idea.  I have already started an idea “Solve the Energy Problem” I will donate the funds directly to Focus Fusion, if I win.