What are your favorite images/videos about focus fusion/aneutronic fusion/plasma focus?
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The title says it all. I am curious about what graphics people like or think are effective to help in future web-redesigns. They can be from FFS, LPP, or any other sources—just give the link.

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I understand your need to find a consensus on the graphics and past animations that supporters like. I have built many web sites for people and they normally don’t ask their customers, or supporters about these things. So I consider this thread a good idea. I also think too deeply on this stuff, so I get in trouble. This site seems to be focused on the forums and the conversation that has been going on. This also is good, but it hasn’t nailed the essence of “identity"and “branding in a web site for the Society. 

The site doesn’t start off with a story of a “Social” history. Somewhat of a webumentary (I made that word up). The concept walks people through the world of the Focus Fusion Society. This would be an interactive story of presenting what the society is about. Graphics are always something to be updated, but your core web site concept will steer you towards new and improved graphics, maybe some you never thought of.  Your members enjoy being a part of the story, even if it isn’t discussing technical aspects.

I have found the connection between cosmological discussions and the work going on in the lab, completely fascinating. Links between these enriching stories and accompanying graphics would lead more people to a greater depth of understanding. Then, they would go to the forums and read what is there.

People talk about content, but they don’t understand how deep you can go in the content, if improves the story. Graphics, animation, video and interactive story telling that brings everything together in a history of the society and its support for LPP would go farther.

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I really like one video, that has only a brief mention of DPF, but its generally very inspiring:

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My work blocks anything like videos or animated gifs(WHY???), so that limits my ability to provide feedback.  When it comes down to it, the energy flow diagram you guys created is probably the one that reflects best to me that the project is going well.