Happy New Year!
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Greeting Fusioneers!

Even though we may be about to fall off the “cliff” (or not) here in the States it’s time to wish everyone a happy New Year! Here’s to hoping for a brighter year to come.

There are lots of reasons to want to promote fusion as an energy source. Alternative energy sources are already playing a significant role in our energy infrastructure but there is still room for more ideas and inventions to play a role in expanding our energy options. Fusion could be one of them. Indeed it’s a worldwide quest, and the promotion of the Fusion For Peace initiative has pulled together interested researchers from around the world.
So there are more issues to discuss and more reasons to bring greater numbers of people into the dialog about fusion as a possible source of energy. Especially if it’s clean, aneutronic fusion. We’re hoping for progress in this area of research. It needs the support and engagement by the world community to move forward. This is the role that the Focus Fusion Society can assist with, bringing people together with all of their ideas about how and why this would be a great technology to bring to the world.

A special thanks to all of our supporters and contributors for helping us promote our mission.

Here’s to hoping for a more peaceful and prosperous 2013. Happy New Year!

Ben Ferris