Iran working on IEC
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Apparently they’re taking an “all of the above” strategy on aneutronic fusion:

“In 2011, Iran became became one of the six countries developing a nuclear fusion device which operates by method of inertial electrostatic confinement. Development of this nuclear fusion producing device has been started in March 2010 in Iran.

“Rahimi noted that the first phase of the project had some $8 million scheduled to be allocated for it in 2009, and thus far half of that sum has been transferred for the project’s needs.”

$8 million of course is comparable to the U.S. Navy’s project. I’m wondering who the author counts as the other four countries.

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Japan (Kyoto University, Kansai University, and Tokyo Tech) and Australia (University of Sydney) would be two. Not sure who the other two would be, but there’s a list of countries that have pursued IEC technology at some point in the past on page 5 of this presentation.


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