as of November 2011, what is the maximum magnetic field strength achieved by FoFu-1?
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By chance, I got into a discussion of fusion schemes last night, with a person already familiar with DPF, Polywell, Z-pinch, etc.
who believes there will be upcoming issues w.r.t magnetic field strengths in FoFu-1. I urged him to post his specific question here, but he declined, admitting only a “wait and see” attitude. Well, perhaps i can find the info he wants?

what is the maximum magnetic field strength already achieved by FoFu-1, during any pinch?

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LPP still has the 0.4 gigagauss number posted on their website. I haven’t seen anything different anywhere.

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Any one know how the magnetic field was measured?  0.4 Gigagauss is extremely large for a pinch device.  A typical pinch radius is ~0.5 cm.  The current that FF-1 seems to be operating at right now is ~ 1 MA.  B=mu_0*I_peak/(2*pi*r) where B is the magnetic field, mu_0 is the permeability of free space and r is the pinch radius.  I calculate a B-field behind the pinch of 0.4 mega gauss.  I’ve run across filaments in pinch literature that are 1/10 the pinch diameter but that is only 4 megagauss.